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2014 Social Security raise will be insignificant

Posted on October 16th, 2013 No Comments

For two years in a row, Social Security recipients are going to be presented with only a slight increase in benefits.

According to a projection by the Associated Press, the 2014 raise will be around 1.5%. This would be the smallest increase since the benefits were automatically raised in 1975.

The government’s defense as to why the increase was small is because consumer prices haven’t gone up much within the last year.

The cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) can’t be determined until the Department of Labor releases the September inflation report, which was supposed to be released on Wednesday, October 9; it was delayed due to the government shutdown.

In spite of this setback, the Social Security Administration has not said that increases would be delayed for next year. Social Security benefits continued to be distributed during the shutdown.

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Disability scheme purportedly participated in by Social Security judge

Posted on October 14th, 2013 No Comments

Congressmen spearheading an investigation said retired administrative law judge David Daugherty colluded with lawyer Eric Conn to approve over 1,800 disability cases between 2006 and 2010, with Senator Tom Coburn (Republican-Oklahoma) saying at a committee hearing on Monday, October 7 that they “exploited the program for their own benefit.”

A Senate homeland and security governmental affairs committee report shows that the Social Security Administration paid Conn’s law firm, which specializes in disability cases in Stanville, Kentucky, over $4.5 million in attorney fees from cases heard by Daugherty, whose bank records contained $96,000 in unexplained cash deposits.

According to committee chairman Senator Tom Carper (Democrat-Delaware), Daugherty left the hearing before he could be called to testify.

Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon did not provide information as to whether they will conduct an investigation on the matter.

The Wall Street Journal first raised suspicion over the Conn-Daugherty partnership in 2011.

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Abuses of the disability insurance system contributing to the fund’s depletion by 2016?

Posted on August 16th, 2013 No Comments

Although many people receiving Social Security disability benefits legitimately need this financial assistance, certain research has shown that there are many people abusing the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, which could be a factor in the fund’s predicted depletion by 2016.

According to The Washington Examiner, the Social Security Administration’s survey among its SSDI recipients revealed that 2,300 of them are not eager to return to work in the near future, with 75 percent of them not seeing themselves finding a job within the next five years and 72 percent of them still receiving work salaries while under the program.

The newspaper analyzed that this scenario could be a factor as to why the national Disability Insurance Trust Fund is on its way to depletion by 2016, as per the Social Security Board of Trustees’ annual report on the long-term financial status of the Social Security Trust Funds released May 31.

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