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What Is Negligence?

If you have been hurt by the reckless behavior of another person or entity, you may be interested in pursuing legal action against him, her, or it. You may have grounds for a lawsuit if the defendant’s behavior meets the legal definition of negligence. (Some lawsuits are based on deliberately harmful actions such as assault, but this article will focus on negligence claims.)

Of course, we can only provide a basic definition of negligence in an online article. There are many details that may affect the strength of your case. To discuss your situation with an experienced San Antonio personal injury lawyer, call the law offices of Chris Mayo Injury Lawyers at (210) 999-9999.

Negligence Step by Step

In order to successfully file a San Antonio personal injury claim, you must first demonstrate in court that the defendant behaved negligently. This will entail providing compelling evidence of each of the following:

  • The defendant owed some sort of responsibility to you. The level of this responsibility will depend on the relationship between the two of you. For example, a relatively low level is the duty we all have to not place those around us in harm’s way. A higher level is a doctor’s responsibility to meet the standards of his or her profession.
  • The defendant failed to meet this responsibility. It may have been an accidental oversight, a deliberate act of carelessness, or something in between.
  • This failure directly caused your injuries. This step can be difficult to prove, because you need to show that the defendant’s behavior was not just one factor out of many. It needs to have been the primary cause of your injuries.
  • Your injuries are significant. Many defendants will try the tactic of downplaying the extent of your injuries or the treatment they required. You may need medical documentation or even expert testimony to strengthen your case.
  • Gathering evidence for each of these is not the only thing you need for a successful claim. The compensation you receive, if any, will also depend on how well you prove each of the points above.

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