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Dangers of Black Ice

Even though San Antonio experiences an average winter temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit with only 0.7 inches of annual snowfall, the wintertime can still produce treacherous driving conditions. Because Texas drivers do not typically drive on roads with snow and ice as much as other drivers across the nation, many are unaware of how to handle driving on ice. This is especially hazardous when that ice cannot be seen, as is the case with “black ice”.

While most cases of black ice occur naturally, there are instances in which it might be caused by someone’s negligent actions. For example, the failure to turn off a sprinkler system in the winter time can allow excess water to form ice on the roadway, thereby endangering the safety of motorists. Contact the San Antonio car accident lawyers of Chris Mayo Injury Lawyers at (210) 999-9999 if you have been the victim of an automobile crash that was caused by preventable black ice.

How to Drive on Black Ice

Black ice forms when melted snow or excess water freezes on roadways, especially on bridges and overpasses. It gets its name because it is often hard to see, so the driver cannot prepare for it. Measures that a driver can take to avoid black ice accidents include:

  • Remaining alert for the presence of dark patches in the road ahead, as these may be a sign of black ice.
  • Always wear your seatbelt, especially when the conditions are threatening.
  • Do not accelerate quickly.
  • Allow plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you.
  • Never slam on the brakes. Instead lightly tap them till you come to a stop.
  • If you begin to skid, take your foot off the accelerator, put the car in neutral, and turn the steering wheel into the skid.

When other drivers fail to adapt their driving to black ice conditions, they may be legally liable for the consequences of an accident resulting from this recklessness. Also, a property owner or other party whose negligence leads to the formation of black ice might be responsible for damages caused by a subsequent crash.

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It is important to ensure that you are properly advised of your legal rights in this situation as the benefits payable under the relevant insurance policies may be insufficient to meet your post-crash needs. Contact the San Antonio personal injury lawyers of Chris Mayo Injury Lawyers today at (210) 999-9999 to discuss the potential advantages of legal action if you have been hurt in a crash involving black ice.







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