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Brain Injuries and Capgras Syndrome

The long-term consequences of a brain injury can be very difficult to predict. Some patients will recover fully, while others will experience lifelong mental and physical impairments. For patients and their families, one of the most upsetting potential symptoms is a delusional disorder. This is a condition marked by false and sometimes quite strange beliefs that the victim cannot give up, even in the face of rational evidence.

Delusional disorders are tragic conditions that can damage an individual’s quality of life, career, finances, and personal relationships. If your life has been affected by a brain injury caused by another party’s reckless actions, you could have grounds for legal action. To learn more, contact the San Antonio brain injury attorneys Chris Mayo Injury Lawyers at (210) 999-9999.

What is Capgras Syndrome?

Capgras syndrome – also known as the Capgras delusion, delusional misidentification syndrome, and non-recognition syndrome – is a delusional disorder marked by a belief that people in one’s life have been replaced by imitators or imposters. It can be caused by psychological problems such as schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s disease, or it can be caused by a traumatic brain injury.

When Capgras syndrome is caused by TBI, there is always damage to a certain region of the brain’s right hemisphere. This region is believed to be responsible for face recognition, which may partly explain the symptoms suffered by victims of this syndrome. These symptoms include:

  • A belief that one or more people have been replaced by some kind of imposter
  • An acknowledgement that the “imposter” is identical to the “real” person in every way
  • In some cases, the patient believes that objects or animals have also been replaced

This syndrome is highly disturbing and painful for victims and their loved ones alike. While individual therapy and antipsychotic drugs have been successful treatments for some patients, their effectiveness can vary widely.

Contact a San Antonio Brain Injury Lawyer

Many victims of brain injuries require long-term therapy and expensive treatments. If you are facing such expenses due to another party’s negligent actions, the San Antonio TBI attorneys of Chris Mayo Injury Lawyers can help you fight for justice. Contact us today at (210) 999-9999.

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